EDI Specialist

At Tom&Co, we're looking for a talented EDI Specialist to drive the seamless exchange of information with our suppliers. In this role, you'll design, implement, and support EDI systems, ensuring they function flawlessly to facilitate efficient information exchange. You will work closely with our EDI team, assess business needs, and optimize systems to improve overall efficiency. Collaboration with peers, third parties, and other team members will be crucial to your success. Additionally, staying updated on emerging legal requirements and ensuring our processes align with these obligations will be key aspects of your role.



·      Design and develop systems for the exchange of information, in close collaboration with our EDI partner.

·      Take responsibility for testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting, and provide tech support as needed.

·      Monitor conformance of inbound and outbound electronic transactions and correct issues where necessary.

·      Assess business needs and identify ways to optimize these systems.

·      Communicate frequently with peers, third parties, and other employees to exchange accurate information and answer questions.

·      Maintain knowledge of existing and emerging legal obligations and understand how they impact operational processes.


What We're Looking For

·      Profound knowledge of GS1 standards and their application.

·      Hands-on experience with EDI software packages and ERP systems.

·      Strong background in business process analysis.

·      Several years of relevant experience in EDI systems and processes.

·      Proficiency in French, Dutch, and English.


What We Offer

At Tom&Co, you'll be part of a forward-thinking team that values innovation and efficiency. We offer opportunities for professional development and career advancement in a supportive   and engaging workplace with diverse, talented colleagues. If you're ready to take your EDI expertise to the next level, apply today and join Tom&Co in revolutionizing how we exchange information!

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