CRM Specialist

As a CRM Specialist you will support Tom&Co's sales growth, particularly in E-commerce, by activating our prospect and customer base to drive conversion, engagement and retention, but also by contributing to the improvement of user journeys.


Your responsibilities

- Participation in the development of the CRM strategy and roadmap;

- Definition of the campaign and segmentation strategy on all relevant channels (email, SMS, push notifications, Whatsapp), in collaboration with the Marketing and Customer Engagement/Loyalty teams

o Design, deploy, and monitor automated sequences to improve the user journey, and also to better convert and retain users throughout their lifecycle

o Conduct and monitor ad hoc commercial and editorial animation of our base

o Optimize the performance of campaigns by conducting A/B tests and increment tests to improve content and messages, delivery times and segments

o Make proposals in terms of content and creative concepts

o Manage the constraints related to the deliverability of campaigns

- Define and manage your performance indicators on a daily basis;

- Conduct analysis to better understand the behavior of our users and propose actions accordingly;

- Participate in the realization of surveys;

- Carry out active monitoring (creative, competitive but also related to new CRM practices);

- Actively participate in the development of the CRM activity in collaboration with the Customer Engagement/Loyalty teams.


Your profile

- You have at least 3 years of experience as a CRM Specialist.

- You enjoy leading end-to-end projects independently.

- You are data-driven and analytical.

- You are comfortable with software and tools.

- You have a creative sensibility, have experience in copywriting and master a visual composition tool.

- You are adaptable and agile.

- You have good language skills (French, Dutch, English).


Mandatory requirements

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